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StarCraft Broodwar fusk

En samling över fusken till StarCraft Broodwar. Fungerar endast i Singleplayer mode. För att använda en fuskkod, skriv bara in koden i rutan som kommer upp när du trycker på Enter.

Allmäna fusk

power overwhelming = invulnerability
Show Me The Money = gives you 10,000 minerals and 10,000 vespene gas
operation cwal = fast build
the gathering = unlimited mana
game over man = lose game
man over game = win game
noglues = the computer can't use energy
staying alive = lets you continue playing after you have finished the mission
there is no cow level = completes the mission you are on
whats mine is mine = gives you 500 minerals
breathe deep = gives you 500 vespene gas
black sheep wall = reveals entire map
something for nothing = everything available is upgraded
medieval man = gives free upgrades to units
modify the phase variance = ability to build anything
war aint what it used to be = disables fog of war
food for thought = lets you build more units than the current supply
ophelia = warp to any mission (type in, press enter, then mission number)
drawbridge = 10000 trees
go tru the gatesingen = 1000000000 gold

"Easter Egg" fuskkoder

RADIO FREE ZERG - Spelar Zergs låt.


Förstör Protos bas på level 9 i Zerg-campaignen på mindre än 15 min. och en extra bonusbana kommer att dyka upp.
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